Wet Vacation With Water Shoes

A water shoe is a type of shoe that is typically used for wet activities are such as wet vacation like on river, beach and others (hike, dive, kayaking or merely strolling the beach). Quick water drainaged by tiny holes on the bottom or sides of the sole, which keeps helps feet dry faster. The most people do not need socks with water shoes.

Several types of water shoes based on the needs of the user :

Water socks
For swimming and be worn inside a scuba gear. Enggage in water activities with being barefoot feel good.

Water shoe
This is the most commont type, because it functions as a normal shoe. It can be worn casually in and out of water.

Water sandals
It allows faster water drainage and sand pass through the shoe and fall out easily.

Primary purpose of water shoes is not only keep feer dry, and also to protect feet in waters with sharp-rock floors or sharp object in the water.

You can choose water shoes below :

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